Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Technical Challenge of Hate Speech, Incitement and Extremism in Social Media

MIT - Boston IEEE/ACM Joint Seminar
Dr Andre Oboler, Online Hate Prevention Institute, Australia

Violent extremism is what used to be called terrorism

@samiwitness case in India, an engineer who was promoting Daesh to UK and US youth
@HaeunAbdurahman in Canada

Not just Daesh, also rightwing and others of various ideologies

We're defaulting to special laws for the Internet rather than treating them with settled law

Incitement to hate is different than incitement to violence.  Germany is leading the way on this issue.

France vs Yahoo case on Nazi memorabilia sales counter to French law: does the law of the state where post is seen have primacy?

False flag support page for Lindt hostage taker in Australia 2014 by right wing.

Germany investigated resident senior managers of Facebook for anti-asylum seekers hate speech and incitement and reached an agreement with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Microsoft.  They would employ local teams to follow German law.  This was extended to the EU Commission in May 2016.

USA is only country that doesn't block the Net.

Jeremy Waldron argues hate speech undermines democracy and science shows that hateful words have real effects, physiological, social, economic.  Hate speech can be extremely localized and may require local knowledge.

OHPI's approach is prevention, removal, respond, and promotion of messages undermining hate.

Demos (UK) has automated text analysis for Twitter for racial slurs and network analysis can be used to identify trolls and dangerous individuals.

Identifying triggers for audio and video not yet available. - a crowdsourced way to identify hate speech.  Test users for trolls by asking for review of reported speech/video/audio.  Users get a score from the organization to determine their trust level within the system which the users don't get to see.

Crowdsourced intelligence cyber hate and threats - CSI-Chat now being developed

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