Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Go By Sea, I Go By Land

 Found this hardcover on the street. PL Travers writes about accompanying the children of British friends to the USA at the beginning of WWII.  

Sent it on to some young people of my acquaintance.

I Go by Sea, I Go By Land by PL Travers
NY: WW Norton, 1941

Foreward: After childhood our lives are no longer our very own.

(72) We are always cashing cheques on the future, never living in our Now.

(120) After lunch we felt we had eaten too much which is what Sunday does to you everywhere.

(128) You had the feeling that she was living her own life and not a bit interested in anybody else’s. And that is a comforting thing.

(131) Wummen and vixens, they be two of a kind, dancing along with their secrets.

(156) The funny thing about a Merry-go-round is that the faster it moves the stiller it seems to become.

(166) The right time, she said, is the time in your heart.

(230) Then she turned to me and said, “We must take everything that comes to us, Sabrina. Good or bad. Refuse nothing. It’s the only way to live. You’ll never be given more than you can take. And if you take it proudly it will not break you."

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