Sunday, February 9, 2014

China's Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Various Scales and Perspectives

Haikun Wang, Nanjing University

Satellite data show CO2 emissions have been underestimated
80% of greenhouse gases are attributable to cities worldwide
China's emissions are mostly from industrial energy consumption and processes
2000-2009 more than half the provinces emitted 10% more with Inner Mongolia growing to 17%, although the growth rate slowed after 2007
72% of emissions from industrial energy, 11% from industrial process (cement, glass)
Summer shows more than 25% releases of annual CO2 in most provinces except for those with a large proportion of hydropower
Carbon Monitoring for Action (CARMA) collects emission data for over 60,000 power plants around the world but may not be accurate as to emissions and plant placement
Manufacturing accounts for over 80% of emissions in 2007 and emissions are mainly from the eastern  coastal provinces.
Per capita urban individual emissions are far below world averages

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