Sunday, February 2, 2014

Restructuring Roundtable: Solar in CA and MA

Nick Chaset, advisor to Gov Brown
Cap and trade is only economy-wide system
1.5 zero emission vehicles
3000 mW of solar, half utility and half rooftop, rooftop half residential
With San Onofre nuke offline, 11% rise in ghgs
Net metering cap now at 5GW with no cap by 2017
Solar Initiative three years ahead of schedule and post-incentive now
Over 200,000 solar systems installed, over 20,000 jobs in solar
Net metering 2.0 will probably require smart inverters for voltage regulation
More energy storage with rooftop PV - 1000MW of storage by 2020
50% by 2030 and 70% by 2050 for ghgs goals
Q:  Japanese required solar for all new construction.
New home construction languished but there is a program and requirement for solar-ready in new construction
2016-2018 for grid storage, $300 per kW price point
No increase in rates or reliability issues as RPS has expanded 

Mark Sylvia, MA DOER
361 MW in MA with a goal of 1600MW by 2020
PV prices dropped 28% in 2012, second largest drop in nation:  346 cities and towns have solar out of 351;  120 municipalities have solar on their facilities;  1800 renewables firms with over 21,000 jobs, 60% in solar sector

Sen Ben Downing, chair of telecom, utilities, and energy committee

Ron Geratowski, National Grid 

Carrie Cullen-Hitt, SEIA
10 mW of solar in US
Have hit net metering cap on public side and stalling presently

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