Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ice Sheets and Sea Level: Is the Long Tail Attached to a Dragon?

Richard B Alley, Penn State

No giant methane belches from under ocean gaseous methane as we warm the world
6 meter sea level rise is less than Greenland ice sheet loss
0.98 meter maximum rise by 2100 in 2013 IPCC report
Other estimates tend to be higher (Alley has compiled most of the sea level rise estimates)
8 years to rise an inch now (0.6 mm per year since 1992)
Glaciers behind Larson B ice shelf now moving 8 times faster after the ice sheet broke up
Warming the ocean 1 degree C melts ice sheets by up to 10 meters
West Antarctic's Thwaites Glacier may be doomed (and there are East Antarctic glaciers which may be in the same situation)
Glacial cliffs crumble over 100 meters in height
West Antarctica ice sheet is 10 feet of ocean rise in its entirety
Greenland ice loss is 7.3 meters of sea level rise

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