Sunday, May 11, 2014


Seth Flaxman, Turbovote
Christina Garmendia, OpportunitySpace
Mat Morgan, ShoutAbout
Gaurav Keerthi, The Dialectic

SF:  democracy where everyone votes with as much information as they need.  Turbovote from Democracy works allows people to sign up once in their life and they get all the information you need to stay registered and to vote in all your local elections.  US is the only country where voting is on the county rather than the national level.  Now working on a system to help counties with their end of the voting system.

CG:  OpportunitySpace helps governments look at their real estate holdings and manage them.  First step is inventory as most don't know all their holdings.  In five cities - Louisville Kentucky and four Rhode Island, including Pawtucket and Providence. What is good real estate management for governments?
MM:  ShoutAbout works with news sites to share links to learn more and take action on the issues written about in the news.
GK:  TheDialectic has not launched yet to make comments and online debate more productive.

online idea town hall

Connected Congress
connecting Members and staff of Congress with tech leaders

The Dialectic
designing a better comment system

tools to help governments manage their real estate holdings

crowdsourcing data on democratic innovations from around the world

online tool to connect news readers with relevant non-profit organizations

helps you register to vote, stay registered, and vote in all your elections

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