Sunday, March 22, 2015

City to City: Mobility - Iceland to Boston


Over 60 communities in Iceland district heated, moving to electrification of transportation rather than hydrogen economy now.

Vern Global:  100% renewably powered data center. Iceland geothermal and with wind at 40% efficiency as opposed to 7% in EU, the second most reliable grid in the world (after Germany?)

Dagur Eggertsson, mayor of Reykjavik:  first public school connected to district heating in 1930 and whole city by the 1970s, now also producing electricity.  Coal phased out by 1967.  23% of energy use in transportation and produces most of their ghgs.  As much a car culture as US.

David Keith, Sloan School, studying adoption of alternative fuel vehicles.  Turnover of vehicle fleet is painfully slow, each vehicle lasts about 16 years in Iceland. New tech adoption is socially contagious - the more sold, the more will be sold.

Vineet Gupta, Boston city transportation:  1/3 of the city is 18-45, 60% of all trips are by foot or bike.  4000 electric vehicles in MA. Half of the public land in Boston are streets and sidewalks.  Infrastructure for on-demand transportation.

Ryan Chin:  electrification, sharing systems, autonomy for transportation.  Singapore is a case study. 300,000 cars could provide the whole 5.4 million people with transport within 20 minutes as shared vehicles.
Bjorgvon Sigurdsson, national electric company of Iceland, Landsvirkjun - all of the electricity produced in Iceland 100% renewable and largest producer of electricity per capita (Norway is second).  Producing methanol as green fuel.

Wolfgang Gruel, Daimler:  car2go - easy car sharing system, now in 29 cities in 8 countries.  Moovel - a platform to simplify mobility, map your trip and buy tickets for the journey.

Einar Gudmundsson, Arion Bank:  business accelerators - Startup Reykjavik and Startup Energy, 54 startups so far.

Q: how to manage the transition?
Small experiments that can fail until something works.

RC: energy will be more distributed and microgrids
DE:  competitiveness is all about the quality of life

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