Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chinese Sayings

Chinese Sayings compiled and translated by William M Bueler and Chang Hou-Pan
Rutland, Vt:  Charles E Tuttle Company, 1972

(page) Number among the 500 translated

(21) 19.  
己 所 不 欲 
Self place not want/wish
勿 施 于 人
Do not apply/impose/use on/at/to/regarding person

That which you do not desire, do not do to others

(29)  49.  
知 者 不 言 
Knowing one/person not speak/say/word
言 者 不 知
Speaking one/person not know

Those who know much talk little;  those who know little talk much - Lao Tzu

知 己 知 彼
Know self know other
百 戰 百 勝
Hundred battles/fights hundred victories/successes

Knowing oneself and knowing the enemy, in a hundred battles there will be a hundred victories - Sun Tzu

(77)  245.  
老 羞 成 怒
Old shame/disgrace becomes anger

being shamed to the point of becoming anger (constant shame causing anger)

(88)  289.   
能 者 多 勞
Able one/person many labors/toil

An able man has many burdens

(121)  428.   
同 床 異 夢
Same bed different dream

to cooperate overtly but for different goal (to sleep in the same bed but have different dreams)

(138)  498.  
綠 木 求 魚
Green tree searching for/requesting fish

utterly impossible;  a complete waste of time (like climbing a tree to catch fish)

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