Friday, March 17, 2017

[Homeric Hymn] To Earth [also known as Gaia], Mother of All

[Homeric Hymn] To Earth [also known as Gaia], Mother of All

I shall sing of well-formed Earth, mother of all
and oldest of all, who nourishes all things living on land.
Her beauty nurtures all creatures that walk upon the land, 
and all that move in the deep or fly in the air.
O mighty one, you are the source of fair children and goodly fruit,
and on you it depends to give life to, or take it away from,
mortal men.  Blessed is the man you favor
with willing heart, for he will have everything in abundance.
His life-giving land teems with crops, and on his fields
his flocks thrive while his house is filled with goods.
Such men with just laws rule a city
of beautiful women, while much prosperity and wealth attend them.
Their sons glory in youthful glee
and their daughters with cheerful hearts in flower-dances.

from The Homeric Hymns 
Apostolos N Athanassakis, translator
Baltimore, MD:  The John Hopkins University Press, 1976
ISBN 0-8018-1792-7

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